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Delicious Fat-Burning Results

Begin your day with a smooth start and boost your body’s fat-burning potential with Boresha’s signature, fat-burning B-Skinny™ Coffee. Organically grown and Fair Trade Certified™, B-Skinny™ Coffee blends the rich, smooth, full flavor of AA Arabica coffee beans with our proprietary thermogenic (fat-burning) formula.

A simply delicious addition to your daily routine! Just imagine sipping a gratifying, smooth cup of coffee and giving yourself a fat burning boost. Available in a full thirty day supply.

  • Balanced, sustained energy *,**
  • Thermogenic fat-burning *,**
  • Buffered caffeine *,**
  • Combats stress-related eating *,**
  • Infrared roasted coffee for smooth, rich taste

Price: $89.99


How it Works:

What does “fat-burning” mean?

When our metabolic machinery utilizes (burns) fat stored in our bodies, energy is released in the form of heat. This process is known as thermogenesis, or fat-burning.

How does B-Skinny™ work?

The unfortunate combination of high glycemic foods and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle leads to lower metabolic activity and greater fat storage. Enjoy a delicious cup of Boresha Fat Burning Coffee Today!