Coffee Diet




Boresha Works!It’s as simple as that, and YES, IT’S REAL. The Coffee Diet is more than a standard diet, it is a way of life, and there is SO MUCH science to support these discoveries! We want to show you everything!

Though remember…
If all you do is change your coffee and tea, you BURN FAT!

Drinking a cup of Boresha’s B-Skinny Coffee can support you with burning more fat while sitting in a chair than running around your block.

If every other method of weight management has failed you, this is a program that may work for anyone and can dramatically change your life.

The Coffee Diet has been assembled as an end to end solution to support you in your fat-burning potential and physical goals to help you achieve the NEW YOU. Our products have 30 years of clinical science and support you and your personal lifestyle.




1) Open your package of Boresha B-Skinny Coffee. Smell the warmth of rich, organic Arabica coffee. You’re already on your way to a day of fat burning.

  • Order the B-Skinny Coffee and/or NuvoGene Tea!
  • It is ideal to drink the coffee or tea FIRST thing in the morning, even before mouthwash or brushing and  within 30 minutes after waking up. (yes, the sweetened toothpaste and mouthwash TURN THE KEY CODE!)
  • Brew a one ounce packet of B-Skinny Coffee in twenty-four ounces of water to make two, twelve ounce servings. 

2) Want to burn more fat faster, and keep it off?
Don’t turn that KEY CODE!

  • Dr. Allen’s Coffee Diet educates you on the foods that tell your body to either burn fat or store it.
  • We call this “turning the keycode,” or “not turning the keycode,” to storing fat in your fat cells.
  • Did you know white rice is LESS fattening than brown rice?
  • AVOID bananas and choose berries, apples, peaches and pears instead!

There are many more foods on the list that will shock you when you know what foods tell the brain to store or burn fat. The Coffee Diet is not about deprivation. It’s about educating you on how your body reacts to certain foods…AND the best part is that you don’t have to totally go without some of your favorite foods if you know what not to eat with them (the key code foods)!

Explore Dr. Allen’s Recipes and the entire Coffee Diet web site to learn the foods that turn the key codes and arm yourself with the knowledge that you need to succeed!

3) Make Boresha a part of Your Lifestyle!

When you combine the coffee and tea with turning off the key codes to your fat cells, you can live the healthy life that you have always dreamed about, and do it with ease, joy and pleasure.

Order your Boresha Coffee and Tea HERE!


Simply switch your coffee: Replace your normal coffee with Boresha’s scientifically proven, thermogenic, fat-burning B-Skinny Coffee to increase your body’s natural fat burning mechanism, and with no other lifestyle changes, you will burn fat!

Are you KIDDING ME right now! If all you do is switch out your coffee and tea, you can BURN FAT!  Now imagine if you knew what foods told the body to store fat, and which foods told it to burn fat! Now you have the powerful tools and the ultimate knowledge to create a completely healthy lifestyle that can truly change your life!

Choosing the right foods?  NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

If we told you that you could eat fried chicken and not bananas,
would that shock you?

When you burn fat with Boresha’s B-Skinny Coffee and NuvoGene Tea, Dr. Ann de Wees Allen (the scientist behind the Coffee and a leading Clinical Medical Researcher behind many of the biggest human function and performance discoveries today) also shares her shocking discoveries about which foods turn the key codes that tell the body to store and burn fat.

She has assembled this information into what she calls “The Coffee Diet”, which we’ll share access to here.

“The Coffee Diet” is NOT some fad diet, rather is based on over 30 years of clinical research into the foods that turn the key-codes that tell the body to either store fat or burn fat, and you will be surprised by the kinds of foods that DO NOT turn the key codes, and which ones do! For example, you can eat fried chicken alone and not store the fat, though if you eat a salty french fry with that chicken, the key code is turned and your body stores the fats.

Dr. Allen, Chief of Boresha’s Scientific Board, Chief of Biomedical Research at the Glycemic Institute, and the scientist behind all of Boresha’s B-Skinny products has discovered exactly which foods turn the key codes. Every food and drink you put into your mouth (including gum and mouthwash) either program your body to burn fat or store fat, and knowing which foods these are is half the science behind the revolutionary Coffee Diet. Combined with the fat-burning coffee, choosing the correct fat-burning foods will make you lose more inches off your waistline then you ever have before. It is proven, it is easy, and it’s not about deprivation! As you will discover, fat-burning foods are not necessarily those which you might expect, it is based on evolution and not on logic, so don’t be surprised if foods you never expected are on either of those lists.