NuvoGene TEA®

Energy enhancing, fat-burning, hunger controlling, healthy tea.
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Refreshing energy, Fat-Burning Results.

Take your tastes buds on an exotically, refreshing adventure with Boresha’s NuvoGene Tea®. Enjoy a fresh peach mango flavor while experiencing the benefit of natural energy and fat burning results. Have the beach-ready body you always wanted…pour yourself a refreshing glass of NuvoGene Tea®. Available in a full thirty day supply of individual serving packets.

  • DIT thermogenic fat-burning
  • Maximum natural energy
  • Hunger management
  • Controls stress-related eating
  • Anti-glucose matrix

(30 pc) Price: $69.99  

(60 pc) Price: $138.99


How it Works:

What is DIT thermogenic fat-burning?

DIT stands for Diet-Induced Thermogenesis. The thermogenic (fat-burning) effect is achieved by the intake of a dietary element, not increased physical activity. While physical activity is important to maintain one’s health, NuvoGene Tea’s® DIT effect is beneficial even when you don’t have time to increase your external activity, working from the inside out.

What do you mean by “maximum natural energy”?

Because NuvoGene Tea® enhances one’s own stores of energy, the energy is natural. NuvoGene Tea® does not increase blood sugar, but increases metabolic activity in a safe and stable manner that bolsters even energy levels.

How does NuvoGene Tea manage hunger?

Other products claiming to be fat-burning aren’t doing anyone any favors by making them “spike” and then “crash”, which just makes the user feel a false sense of hunger due to low metabolism and blood sugar levels. This cycle actually leads to weight gain, the exact opposite of its intended effect. Because NuvoGene Tea® is low-glycemic, it stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases metabolic activity without the “spike and crash” effect.

How does NuvoGene Tea manage stress-related eating?

Stress-related rating (SRE) is a phenomenon that occurs when glucose release is stimulated and the body gets a boost of energy, like in stressful or challenging situations. Because NuvoGene Tea® creates a metabolic environment where energy is released in an even and stable manner, the impulse to overeat or snack mindlessly is dramatically reduced.

What is an anti-glucose matrix?

There is a difference between something being sugar-free, low-glycemic and anti-glucose. “Sugar-free” literally means without sugar. However, this does not mean that whatever is replacing the sugar is not going to “spike” blood sugar levels or cause other undesired metabolic consequences. Something that is labeled “low-glycemic” helps manage blood sugar levels. “Anti-glucose” means that not only is something low-glycemic, but also increases metabolic activity in a safe, stable manner so that glucose release is not triggered.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products contained herein are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Fat-burning, weight loss, increased energy, reduced stress-related eating, and hunger control results may vary depending on the individual and as such are not guaranteed.Not for use by persons under the age of eighteen or pregnant or lactating women.